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Festival at the Fort

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Sunday, April 2020 (date TBA)

In 2019, family and friends were invited on Sunday, April 28 to Wilmington's historic riverfront to celebrate the coming of spring on the Christina River and Colonial Life in the Delaware Valley!
Experience the rich heritage of the Wilmington Colonial-era cultures of the Lenape, Swedes, Finns, Dutch and English with an afternoon of fun and learning for the whole family on Sunday, April 28.

Presented by New Sweden Centre, Old Swedes Foundation, Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, the Delaware Swedish Colonial Society, the New Sweden Alliance, and the Riverfront Development Corporation of Delaware.

Kalmar Nyckel : Events : Festival at the Fort

Did you know: That both Swedes and Finns were part of Kalmar Nyckel's first voyage, since Finland was part of the Swedish realm until 1809?

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