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Starting A Colony

Delaware Social Studies

“Starting a Colony” is a free, awarding winning,* hands-on lesson that asks students to apply important economic concepts – gains from trade, choice, scarcity, specialization – within the historical context of colonial Delaware. The lesson puts the students in the "Captain's seat," so to speak, to make all the decisions necessary about who and what to bring on a trip to the New World, from Europe to Delaware in the 1600's. Students need to choose people with the necessary skills and they need to bring the supplies and trade goods that will allow them to plant a new colony in the Delaware Valley – sailing across the Atlantic, building homes, growing food, and trading with the native population to make a profit!

“Starting A Colony” is an easy-to-use, free educational resource: Kalmar Nyckel Educators will bring the kits to your classroom and lead the lesson.  The lesson is part of Delaware’s Recommended Curriculum (DRC). As part of the Thinking Economically Unit for 5th-Grade Social Studies, “Starting A Colony” is a “learning with objects” simulation that addresses Economics Standard 4 – International Trade. The entire “lesson” is prepared ahead of time and ready for use in the classroom! Your students will not only learn to apply basic economic concepts, but they will also have fun while learning about Delaware’s colonial history!

*Our Senior Historian & Director of Education, Sam Heed, won the 2013 iEducate Delaware Award for creating this innovative lesson. Click here to meet Sam and learn more about this award.

For additional information, please contact:

Emily Neal

Assistant Director of Education

"Starting A Colony" is part of the Delaware Department of Education's 5th Grade Curriculum Unit Thinking Economically

To access the complete DOE Unit, Click here

SCA Grant

See us in The News Journal's  March 14th Crossroads section.

The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation thanks Capital One, Discover Bank, and the state's Financial Literacy Education Fund for supporting this program, which is offered to Delaware schools free of charge.  
Capital One

Kalmar Nyckel : Starting A Colony : Starting A Colony

Did you know: That Peter Minuit led the expedition that founded the New Sweden colony?

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