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Spring Crew Training

Spring Crew Training 2021 class is CANCELLED due to COVID.  Summer Crew Training is also CANCELLED.  

In this program, you will move aboard and quickly get oriented to the ship, and safety equipment followed by an in depth study of setting sails and knot typing. The ship will be docked in Wilmington, DE and will be conducting our spring education programs, including education sails on weekdays, and maintenance on the weekends.  This is a VERY condensed course, so be prepared to STUDY, STUDY, STUDY!!!

You will learn everything that is covered in the 10-week Winter Crew Training class, but at an intense rate!  The great part is that you will be fully emerged in the learning process as you eat, sleep and breath Kalmar Nyckel for 2.5 weeks! Many friendly crew will be available to assist in your learning process, and you will quickly make new friends.

Time off will be worked into the schedule so you can get out and enjoy the city of Wilmington, or Philadelphia during your stay on the ship.  You will complete your final exam and may opt to stay on board a while longer if you'd like (subject to bunk availability/ship needs). We voyage to Virginia after your class, and we may have some berths available during that trip.  TBD closer to the time.

Non-refundable fees:  $180.42 live-aboards  ($162.50 payable to Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, $18.82 payable directly to the on-line background check company) The fee includes a $60 materials fee, a one-time fee of $42.50 for a initial USCG drug test, a donation towards your food $60, and $17.92 for a background check.  Drug test results and background check must be complete before the class. 

DO NOT SEND $$ or Applications at this time!  Wait until you secure a spot in the class before providing the fees and application, to ensure there are spots remaining!

Space is limited to 6 people, first come, first served!

Sign up for spring 2022 class by e-mailing Ann Godley at volunteer@kalmarnyckel.org

Kalmar Nyckel : Volunteers : Spring Crew Training

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel was a "Dutch Pinnace," a new class of gun-armed merchant ship that could also serve as a naval vessel?

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