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Virtual Education

The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation offers live online learning at no charge!

Bring live, virtual lessons about the sea and our shared history to your students. In 2020, more than 1,300 students across over two dozen schools joined us for virtual programming. We hope you will join us during this upcoming season.

We offer two programs: 

  • Virtual Field Trip
  • Virtual Starting A Colony 
Book a free program for your students! Contact David Livingstone, Assistant Director of Education [email protected]

1) Virtual Field Trip and Ship Tour - Explore history and life at sea.

Our Virtual Field Trip program is an interactive, curriculum-based, hourlong program that brings both the excitement of sailing wooden ships and fascinating history to life. 

Explore a working ship from the tops of the masts, down to the roaring engine room below! 

Discover why settlers made the dangerous Atlantic crossing to bring the original KALMAR NYCKEL to Delaware and find out what happened during those pivotal early days of American history – here in our Delaware Valley.

What happened when the Swedes met the Lenape?  How do canvas sails push a 300-ton ship?  What did historical sailors eat, and how did they go to the bathroom?  Ask questions, explore history, and enjoy a unique learning experience with the KALMAR NYCKEL Virtual Field Trip Program.

2) Virtual Starting A Colony - History and Economics

Congratulations on your promotion, Captain!

In Virtual Starting A Colony, students will learn about the origins of the 1638 New Sweden colony, and discover the difficult decisions that must be made when planning a transatlantic voyage. How will you ensure a successful trade mission in the far-off land of Delaware?

This joint Economics and History program is provided at no charge thanks to support from Discover. Delaware state history as well as core early financial literacy concepts are taught in this program.

Core financial literacy concepts such as profit, scarcity, and resource management can be abstract for young learners.  Through the story of the KALMAR NYCKEL’s voyage, these ideas are presented logically and in a way that makes them easy to understand in an exciting learning environment.

Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Virtual Education

Did you know: That Peter Minuit died in a Caribbean hurricane in August of 1638 on the first voyage back to Sweden, but that Kalmar Nyckel survived?

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