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Kalmar Nyckel : Press : The Forgotten Journey

The Forgotten Journey

KALMAR NYCKEL: The Forgotten Journey

KALMAR NYCKEL: The Forgotten Journey, the feature documentary co-produced by Glass Entertainment Group and the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, was nominated for a 2018 Mid-Atlantic Emmy.  Filmed on location and on Kalmar Nyckel, a full-scale replica of the original Swedish colonial ship, it depicts the epic adventure that launched the colony of New Sweden in the Delaware Valley. It tells a story of transatlantic adventure and exploration that is a significant part of Delaware’s history.

The film features stunning sailing sequences from Kalmar Nyckel, The Tall Ship of Delaware, and commentary from some of the world’s leading experts on North American and Swedish maritime and colonial history. In 1638, the Swedish Crown chose to compete with the North American rival Dutch and English powers by sending Kalmar Nyckel across the harsh Atlantic in pursuit of trade relationships and unclaimed territory.


KALMAR NYCKEL: The Forgotten Journey initially premiered in December 2017 on WHYY, PBS Philadelphia with great reviews. It re-aired in mid-June, 2018 during a WHYY Pledge Night. The film is being marketed for an international broadcast and DVD release.

The Emmy nomination is a testament to its exciting narrative, beautiful cinematography, and rich history. The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation is honored to be included in the highly prestigious and competitive Documentary category -- up against six other films. We share our gratitude & congratulations with the entire cast, crew and everyone associated with the film. The Emmy's will be held on October 13, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA.  

KALMAR NYCKEL: The Forgetten Journey (production photos)

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Kalmar Nyckel : Press : The Forgotten Journey

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel was considered very advanced, technologically, for her era?

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