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Scouting Programs

Education Scouting Programs
Come aboard Kalmar Nyckel for a scouting adventure of a lifetime.

Earn a Kalmar Nyckel Scout Patch by participating in our interactive ship and shipyard programs.  Learn how to tie nautical knots, haul active lines, and raise sail with our Captain and expert crew.  Learn more about Delaware's maritime and colonial history.  Sing authentic sea chanteys with Kalmar Nyckel's merry band!

BOOK YOUR TROOP Today! Please contact the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation office at 302.429.7447 or [email protected] for program pricing and addtional information.

All Scouts Welcome!
Education Scouting Programs

Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Scouting Programs

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel is 141 feet long, overall, and her beam is 25 feet?

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