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Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Tall Ship Time Machine

Tall Ship Time Machine

Sail back in time to 1638!

Join Captain Lauren and Captain Sharon in this 3D animation as they journey back to the 17th Century to explore the Kalmar Nyckel during the ship's first trip across the Atlantic Ocean.  Explore the interior and exterior of both the modern and historical versions of the ship and see how sailors prepare for a long voyage across the sea.

Virtual Field Trips

Request a Virtual Field Trip from our Education Department and explore the inner workings of our amazing ship. Please contact David Livingstone at [email protected]g

This animation provides a rare opportunity to go below decks and see what the inside of a historical tall ship looks like. 

  • Would you enjoy being a 17th-Century sailor?
  • What kinds of things would you want to bring with you?

This animation was made possible by a generous National Maritime Heritage Project grant from the National Parks Service (NPS), as well as from support by the Walt Disney Company Foundation, and the Forney Family.

3D Graphics by Sleepy Oak Productions. Animation by Glass Entertainment Group.


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Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Tall Ship Time Machine

Did you know: That today's Kalmar Nyckel is a re-creation of a three-masted, square-rigged, gun-armed merchant ship?

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