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Avast, mateys!
Kalmar Nyckel in Newburgh, New York
Kalmar Nyckel has sailed up the Hudson River for the first time in her history for a weekend in Newburgh, NY. She is open for dockside tours Friday, Saturday and Sunday July 24-26 from 9-3:30 each day ($10/ adult and $6/ youth age 17 and under) and will be part of the Newburgh Pirate Festival on Saturday. Sails are sold out this weekend.
2015 King Neptune Gala
Save the evening of Saturday, September 19 for this year's King Neptune Gala at the Copeland Maritime Center!
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Join us for our next Toddler Tuesday on August 4th!
In anticipation of the arrival of Miss Ginny's little one and following Maternity Leave, Toddler Tuesdays at The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation will take a brief hiatus. Please join us when Toddler Tuesdays starts again on August 4, 2015!
Kalmar Nyckel Foundation Announces Documentary Film to be co-produced with Nancy Glass Productions
Filming of the KNF Documentary is to begin this summer! Listen to the NPR interview with Nancy Glass here: http://delawarepublic.org/post/green-july-24-2015

Did you know: That both Swedes and Finns were part of Kalmar Nyckel's first voyage, since Finland was part of the Swedish realm until 1809?

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