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Avast, mateys!
Festival at the Fort- Sunday, April 22
On Sunday, April 22, celebrate the coming of Spring and Colonial-era life in the Delaware Valley at Festival at the Fort! Enjoy children's games, crafts and vendors, ceremonies, live music, tours of the Kalmar Nyckel and Old Swedes Historic Site, a scavenger hunt, food trucks, and more! A Landing Day Ceremony will take place at Fort Christina Park at 3 PM.
Wilmington Pirate Festival Returns!
Saturday, July 8 marks the return of the popular Pirate Festival! Join us from 10am-4-pm for pirate demonstrations, activities for children, crafts, vendors, food trucks, a beer garden, live music, and more!

Did you know: That Peter Minuit died in a Caribbean hurricane in August of 1638 on the first voyage back to Sweden, but that Kalmar Nyckel survived?

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